I'm Megan! 

At the core, I'm an educator and a learner with a passion for the creative and innovative. 

I've always loved words, and the power they hold, which led me to pursue a degree in English Education. Showing other people the power of words has always driven me and pushed me forward. It's integral to what has led me to teaching. 

I absolutely adore any creative endeavors! I'm a strong supporter of arts in our schools, and think creative writing is necessary for secondary education. 

Not only do I love the artistic side of creativity, but I also strongly advocate for technology-enhanced classrooms. I believe that technology is a blessing to us as learners and teachers, and should be used to its fullest advantage. Bringing technology into the classroom is what makes a fun experience become something memorable. Technology helps students to uncover their strengths and find their passions. It brings the Rainforest to a small town in Kansas and shows students how life evolves. 

My goal is to be the teacher that inspires emotion. I want my students to want to learn more. I want them to want to pursue. I want them to find the things that drive them and reach for those. 

I want to build their foundations for a life full of learning and growth. 


University of Northern Iowa

2014 - 2020 / B.A. in English Education

​GPA: 3.75


Creative Writing

This minor primes me to teach fully-fleshed out Creative Writing courses. 

I've developed a strong sense of community, student agency and critique, student self-reflection, creativity and inspiration, learning independence and self-accountability, and teaching a joy of writing. 

Educational Technology

This minor primes to be a leader in bringing technology into the class. 

Through my courses in this minor, I've developed my leadership abilities, my connection to social media and web presences, my professional learning network, my understanding of apps and tools for the class,

and my ability to be a

diplomat in the 

technology age. 

Western Iowa Tech Community College

2012 - 2014 / Assorted Classes

Akron Westfield High School

2010 - 2014 / High School Diploma

​GPA: 3.7/4.00


Supportive Seminar Leader

2014 - 2019, The Learning Center (University of Northern Iowa)


  • Independently led small and large group study sessions: 

    • Sessions include multiple diversity levels and various minority groups;​

    • Sessions include students of all different knowledge levels.

  • Organized and prepared basic lesson plans and road-maps for sessions based on student need and course guidelines: ​

    • Lesson plans included multiple activities of various types; ​

    • Sessions were loose guides, content was adaptable on student need. 

  • Collaborated with peers and faculty members; ​

  • Worked with spreadsheets and data to draw connections and summaries.


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