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Constitutionople: A Gamified Framework

Gamification is an incredible way to engage students in your classroom! If the first thing you think of when you think of a classroom is white walls with a teacher talking at students, you’re missing the whole point of education! Gamification makes attempts to change that paradigm and introduce a new layer to your classroom.

Miss Cockayne and I chose to look at gamification by creating a framework, modeled after a unit on learning the Constitution. We call this framework Constitutionople. Constitutionople seeks to evolve the traditional classroom into an RPG-based adventure where students level up, complete quests, fight bosses, and work with a guild.

Constitutionople divides parts of the Constitution into “worlds” to explore, and allows students to take on the role of adventurers and explorers. They work with a guild of their fellow students to pass and veto different laws and make real change.

We created an entire website based on this concept and showing how Constitutionople can look in the classroom, with a page specifically designed to teach teachers how to use Constitutionople and the ways it can work for their classrooms.

Lauren and I worked great together on this project, and created a gamification framework that we can both see ourselves using in our own future classrooms. It took a lot of time and effort on our parts to make it all come together, but we’re incredibly happy with the results, and look forward to seeing where Constitutionople goes and develops from here!

You can look at our development process here: Gamification: Interpreting the Constitution

And you can see the finished website here: Constitutionople

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