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Global Collaboration: On The Road

With week two of our Global Collaboration project underway (check out Week 1 here!), I figured now was a great time for an update! The project is still a frustrating and trying journey, but with more progress under our belt, it's getting more and more exciting to work on!

We have finally narrowed our project down to a website on ocean conservation, with included educational resources and student activities, particularly a webquest.

The project is still a bit vague, but we'll be really setting things in concrete soon, and the vague ideas we have are going great! We have a lot of ambitions set for ourselves, like eventually getting the lesson plans we create into The World's Largest Lesson!

So far, we've begun finally setting some communication goals for us as a team of

educators, and had our first collaborative meeting!

We've also begun more diligent work and progress on the foundations of the website, and fleshing out aspects of it that will come into play later on.

One of the most important parts of this project that we've been doing is reaching out to experts in this field! We've emailed professors, organizations, and conference leaders for opinions on ocean conservation, and hopefully we'll hear back from some of them!

As I mentioned earlier, it's still a frustrating process. Even with better communication, trying to coordinate busy schedules is still hard. It can still feel like not everyone's pulling their weight. Technology, as amazing as it is, can be frustrating. I couldn't get the Zoom room to start, couldn't get my microphone or headphones to work, and had my laptop die in the middle of the Zoom meeting all in one meeting! A project of this size is just frustrating and challenging.

However, it's exciting to see progress bloom out of difficulty. Seeing us finally getting together as a group and creating this amazing project that's meant to change the world is fun and inspiring!

Despite the endless waves of challenges, global collaboration so far feels like... it's on the road. We're moving forward.

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