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Reading Between The Lines

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

I recently wanted to dive into blogging a bit deeper, and see how other professionals organized their blogs, what sort of content went into them, and what other ideas or tips I could gain from their websites.

One of the key similarities I found between these blogs and websites was how aesthetic they were. In fact, it really made me want to step up my own game in terms of aesthetics. Each of these websites had something different to set them apart (some were very clean and simple, others really vibrant and full of personality), but a big factor was that each really stuck to it's own branding, which is something I really want to employ myself.

They also all tended to have a similar content theme to each other, considering I mostly looked at English Education blogs, and it was really interesting to see some of the topic overlaps, like escape rooms in the classroom.

I think it goes without saying that these blogs all differed quite a lot, and that's a great thing! It's amazing to see the sort of diversity and creativity different people in the same professional field employ.

A big difference between them was how they set themselves up. While some of them chose to stick to just a blog feed and a small about page, others were bigger operations with pages for a variety of different needs on their site. It was really reassuring to see how differently people set their sites up, considering I've always felt like my own is a little "different".

There were obviously content differences as well, some focused less on teaching and more technology around teaching, some were higher ed, some were lower. The types of posts varied a lot as well.

I specifically looked into her post titled "Classroom Library: Top Reads" because I was interested in the sort of book recommendations all of these different blogs would have.

Mskcpotter has a very fun blog with a lot of personality, and I really loved that about her website. It's bright, it's happy, and it really seems to represent herself in it, which I think is huge for a teacher's blog to have. Personality is vital, even in a professional world.

Lisa Nielson's post was different from the others I looked at, as it talked about getting rid of physical books and bringing in the digital, a concept I thought was incredibly interesting. I've always been a big proponent of physical books, but her article was really convincing, and it helped me to see a new perspective on a topic like that.

Her website is very clean and simple, which was reassuring for me as we both sort of employ the clean grayscale theme. It was nice to see a professional website where the articles are both fun and personable!

I chose to look into her post "Ten Books to Recommend to Your Students", going along with my theme of "books in the classroom". Her post was insightful, and offered some great recommendations I'd never have considered.

She really combines "sleek and clean" with "fun and personable" in her website, and I loved seeing that blend of styles done in such a fun way. The Daring English Teacher is a very easy to navigate website the draws you in with its vibrant color scheme.

The Secondary English Coffee Shop covers a huge range of topics, but I specifically viewed the post "9 Poetry Books for English Classes". Again, it was a great recommendation as was the theme for the posts I looked at.

I would definitely say this website was one of the most fleshed-out of the four I looked at. The website is filled with custom graphics, well-made visuals, and out of the four was the only one to have a custom favicon, which really added to the visual appeal.

Overall, looking through these different blogs and exploring deeper into what makes them work, and what makes them different, was a great experience. It was enlightening for me as I continue to develop myself as a creative professional, and it was a huge confidence boost to see how individual and unique each of these sites were.

What are you doing in your own blog to make yourself stand out?

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