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SlidesCarnival (Toolbox Review)

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Today I want to share with you all one of my favorite teacher resources: SlidesCarnival! SlidesCarnival is an amazing way of revolutionizing your presentations, whether you use Google Slides or Powerpoint. If you're tired of the same drab-looking presentations, keep reading to discover how SlidesCarnival can work in your Teaching Toolbox!

SlidesCarnival is a website dedicated to sharing free presentation templates and themes. These are powerfully-built, robust themes with hand-crafted designs that are sure to make your presentations stand out

Creating your own themes can be difficult and time-consuming. It might even seem impossible if you've never done it.

SlidesCarnival is one easy solution! It provides dozens and dozens of useful themes for your presentations that are easy to edit and use.

These themes come in a variety of subjects and styles, suitable for almost every style or subject of presentation. They're great for use in academic settings, more personal ones, or any other use you might have for them.

A lot of these themes can be heavily edited to whatever suits you best, like this change I made with one of the themes for a recent presentation:

These themes come with layouts for a variety of different types of slides!

I don't know about you, but when I see the same presentation themes over and over again, I tend to roll my eyes. Presentations just blend into each other when they all have the same exact themes and presentations. Sometimes, that muddies the message of your presentation.

Using SlidesCarnival makes your message stand out and makes you, or your students, look more professional. It gives extra impact to you and what you're trying to say, and helps make more unique presentations.

Final Verdict:


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