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Sutori (Toolbox Review)

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Sutori is a premium, web-based "storytelling" tool made to replace traditional paper-and-pen timelines.

The one thing that really helps Sutori as a tool is its "freemium" plan, which is all the rage nowadays for tools and software. They offer a free plan as well as two tiers of premium, however the free plan is... bare. That feels generous, to be honest. Nothing about the free plan of Sutori sets it apart from other options out there (of which there are many). Sutori really comes into its own with the features found in the "Sutori Unlimited" plan, which will run you $100 for a year.

The range of options for using Sutori.

A huge flaw I see with Sutori is the lack of month-by-month payment plan. While $100 for an entire year isn't at all bad, the chances of using Sutori enough in a year to justify purchasing it is unlikely. However, a month-to-month plan allows teachers to subscribe for the month they need it in their classroom, and cancel until they need it later on.

However, for what you get with Sutori Unlimited, it's a decent little tool. It's aesthetically pleasing if you dig minimalism and a clean or sleek look. It's a bit limited in regards to how different you can make projects look, and the "presenting" options are lacking. Trying to project the relatively small timeline on a big screen just doesn't look great, and just scrolling through the project feels weird. I'd love to see more interaction in this tool.

What does make Sutori stand out a little is the "extras" you get from it, like the little easily embedded multiple choice quizzes and the "Did You Know" bubbles. These really add a bit of dimension to an otherwise very straightforward timeline or presentation.

Now, whether these simple bubbles justify the price is up to you, but to me personally there needs to be more interaction for Sutori Unlimited to be worth it, and more features in Sutori Essentials for me to even bother with the freemium plan.



  • Simple to use;

  • Elegant, clean design;

  • Free plan;

  • Allows media integration.


  • Free plan is bare;

  • Pricing is expensive for existing features;

  • Feels dated, not very interactive;

  • Very little customization - projects all feel like the same thing.

Final Verdict:


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