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The Migration to Wix

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Some of you might remember my old blog, megansnedeker.com. Others might have only just stumbled upon this website. Welcome either way! Because of my migration from Wordpress to Wix, I wanted to write a bit about my experiences between the two tools and why I’ve decided to remain with Wix.

Well, embarrassingly enough it’s because I ran out of money for hosting. The hosting site I used only allowed you to pay for a minimum of three months, and that was around $100, which I just didn’t have at the time. So, I had to let the website and domain expire.

Because I was tired of running into that exact issue and going through all the effort of making a really powerful and aesthetic website (I’m busy and broke), I decided to try these “website builders”, and after some experimentation, settled on Wix. I wanted something I could pay for a long time up front if I wanted, or pay monthly so if that month I was a little scrapped for cash, I could still keep it running. I also chose Wix for the ease of use. If you want, their templates can pretty much create an entire website for you in seconds, but if you’re a bit of an over-achiever like me, they have a fairly robust tool for customization.

Unfortunately, the backup tool I used hadn’t backed anyhting up correctly before I moved and as a result NONE of my content has traveled with me. It’s been a slow re-build phase.

I think Wix is reasonably priced if you’re more concerned with accessibility. There are definitely cheaper options, but Wix is simpler. It offers some amazing customization, really elegant building tools, and a robust in-site editor.

Have you worked with Wix or Wordpress? What are your thoughts on them?

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