Literacy Project

What is literacy? That was the task my Teaching of English professor assigned to us. 

I started in the "normal" line of thinking - it's reading and writing, obviously. But, it's not.

It's 2019, and literacy has evolved to something so much more than just reading and writing, and in my project I wanted to explore where literacy is and where it's going. 

Thus, I created...

The Literacy Project is a (very) simple text-adventure puzzle written in Batch script language and enriched with ASCII graphics. 

For those who remember the age of text adventure games, they require a sort of literacy all on their own. My game is similar. You need to understand the language the game uses to progress; it won't accept every input, only the ones programmed in. 

I wanted to create an experience to simulate this idea of being illiterate, or not having full literacy. You're dropped into the game with no idea how to talk to it, and the game makes little effort to assist you. You're left on your own, relying on minimal guidance, context, and your own willpower to figure out how to navigate through the puzzle. 

I also wanted to learn what it's like to be illiterate myself. I've been reading since I was a child, and I've always been a few reading levels ahead of my peers. I have no memories of what it's like to struggle with reading. 

So, I forced myself to learn a simple script language in a few days. I had to learn to read and write and understand this language I had previously known nothing about. 

Want to play around in The Literacy Project yourself?


Click here to download a .exe file of the game:

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